Lerverk, a shop and exhibition gallery, is the public face of about two dozen artists who work in ceramics, glass and metal. Working as a group, we take turns to work in the shop/gallery alongside an employed colleague. A few of us have been members of this group since it started in 1980; we encourage other artists like ourselves, especially artists from outside Sweden, to become guest members for shorter periods.

What you will find in the shop and gallery is a wide variety of our current work, and this homepage illustrates some of it. As with artists in general, our work reflects our constantly changing approaches, and so at any time Lerverk presents an up-to-date view of what’s going on in these artistic fields in (mainly) western Sweden.

We like working as a group because it gives us a more-than-casual chance to meet colleagues and our present and future customers, and also to keep a place in the public eye.

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